Friday, February 27, 2015

should students get out of school early or late?


        I think students should get out of school early. why?  students shouldn't get out late they should go to school from 9:00a.m to 3:00 p.m they shouldn't get out like at 5:00p.m because sometimes it gets dark at 5:00p.m an parents  might not want there child out late when its geting dark late. they may have to walk home by themselves or get on the bus.most students take the bus or some students get rides home. my opinon is students should come home early not late.this is why students should get ou of school early.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

should student be allowed to use profanity?


        using profanity is very disrespectful. you shouldn't use profanity around teachers ,parents,adults,or any elderly person because thats just showing that you have no respect for grown ups around you, or your own parents and it is also showing that you dont care what you say around adults as well.this is why students should' be allowed to wear profanity. 


Monday, February 23, 2015

should students bully on other students?

   i feel that its wrong students shouldn't bully on other students because you wouldn't want to get bullied on. bullies just think they have power over you that every little thing they say or do may scare you. most people who get bullied on are really stronger than the bully because the bully is being something he or she isn't. and most bullies don't make it no were in life because there always bulling  a person.this is why students shouldn't bully on other student. 

should students be able to bring snacks?


    I think students should be able to bring snacks if they want, but they should only have there snacks out during lunch time, not during class. students should always have a lunch to eat an they should bring snacks if they want they shouldn't have to ask to bring a snack. i think all schools should let  there students bring snacks if they want. most students just buy snacks out the vending machine so they dont have to bring snacks at all.they bring a couple of dollars to by like one or two things out the vending machine.this is why students should be able to rig snacks

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

should schools be closed when its below zero


    yes  schools should be closed when its cold outside and below zero out side. why? students shouldnt have to go to school while its cold they might get real sick in the cold weather . if i was a parent i wouldn't allow my child to attend school if its below zero all parents should agree on that all schools should be close if its below zero. no one wants there child sick and in the hospital.this is why schools should be closed when its below zero.

should security be allowed to abuse people

No security shouldn't be allowed to abuse people. they may only be allowed to abuse people if there doing something wrong .or if that person is doing something that is against the law then that person should be abuse sometimes security take there power to far just because they have the right but, security doesn't always have the right to do what they want just because there the security.this is why security shouldn't be able to abuse people.

Friday, February 13, 2015

should boys and girls be in seperate classes?

    yes, because sometimes boys may be a destraction to the girls  while there doing there work and girls may be a destraction to the girls while there doing there work. they may not be paying attention because the boys may be playing to much but sometomes its ok for boys in girls to be in the same class rooms and sometimes its not ok. many people should feel how i feel why because they wouldn't want to be destracted while trying to get there education then there is alot of flirting going on.this is why girls and boys should be in seperate classes.